Off Market My Property: Discreet Marketing from Dolce Vita Luxury Real Estate

About us

“Off Market My Property” is part of Century 21 Group – the World’s largest real estate agency.

Off Market My Property has this unique way of marketing your property to a specific audience of international buyers who do not use regular platforms to buy a property.

Vendors can quickly and discreetly sell their property to the right buyers without going through the hassle of nosy buyers who are not intending to buy a property.

Advantages of “Off marketing” your property include:

  • Pricing advantage (your pricing is not public and will not be directly compared to other less desirable properties.)
  • Discretion – only pre-screened, registered members of our site will be able to view photos of your property. Keep your privacy throughout the process.
  • Flexibility to share as much or as little information about your property as you want.

Members are properly qualified to look at our range of properties without disclosing the identity of the property.

We can offer to our members:

  • A single dedicated professional to market and negotiate the sale of your home
  • A personalized discreet marketing plan, tailored for your property and situation
  • Local, national and international exposure for your property through our network of 6,900 offices in 78 countries

Click here to register now and gain full access to some of our off-market property listings.

There is no fee to access listings however you must be able to demonstrate your involvement in this exclusive sector either by being a property professional (buying agent or selling agent) and/or be an advisor to high end client. Certain properties may not be visible to you pending us making direct contact with you by phone.

Let us bring the world to your door.

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